The Cabana GRP planters are a uniquely designed organic-shaped planter, ideal for elevating an entrance or introducing a touch of sophistication to any garden space. Its stylish aesthetic makes it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor settings. For a truly eclectic appearance, consider arranging a grouping of three planters, each in a different colour or finish.

This planter is particularly well-suited for enhancing entrances or doorways, where its elegant design can make a statement and welcome visitors. Despite its size, the Cabana Planter is versatile enough to complement interior displays, yet substantial enough to make a striking addition to outdoor spaces.

With its ability to seamlessly blend into various environments, the Cabana Planter is a versatile choice for any location. Its compatibility with the Austell, Tissington and Wycombe planters offer an opportunity for an eclectic mix of styles, allowing for unique and personalized displays.

This mix of colours and finishes will add visual interest and personality to any environment, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. Whether used individually or as a group, the Cabana GRP planters are sure to enhance any space with its elegance and versatility.

Finishes available Clay, Terracotta, Stone and Earth

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The Cabana GRP Planter four available sizes are: 200 x 300mm | 390 x 600mm | 510 x 800mm | 630 x 1000mm.



Please Note: As most of our products are hand made to order, production could take 14-21 working days. If your order is urgent, please call the office to check on production times – 0161 449 7900.

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